The Ultimate Handbook for Making Billion Dollar Decisions

Discover the hidden agenda of the world’s most powerful bank while changing how you think, problem-solve, and incorporate critical thinking that can take your life and business to the next level.

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When John S. Pennington Jr. was a teenager, he looked into the mirror and repeated these words, “I am not afraid of being poor and I am not afraid of being old, I am just afraid of being old and poor at the same time.” Then in 2008, John co-founded a $28 billion family of private equity investment funds. In 2021, he retired.

If you have ever wondered how investment professionals use probabilities (not predictions) to increase their outcomes of success, then this is the critical thinking book that you have been searching for. In this new transformational book, Mr. Pennington has taken the time to write down his decades-long-career of experiences and wisdom that will renovate how your financial brain is wired together. Enabling you to make billion-dollar decisions that can take your life and business to the next level.

5 Essential Lessons from
Dollars, Gold, and Bitcoin

  • The Fed’s number one job is to protect and promote the U.S. Dollar. Sure, they have other jobs like inflation and unemployment but those are subservient to their number one focus.
  • The new BRICS dollar and Bitcoin might challenge the U.S. Dollar dominance, however there are many reasons why that is not probable in the near future.
  • Negotiation is not about getting a fair deal, it’s about discovery—discovering what your opponent will or will not give up – this is the point of becoming a great negotiator.
  • ​Your grandfather and my grandfather could not own physical gold, it was illegal in the U.S.A. for over 40 years. – If they can do that to gold, can they do it to Bitcoin?
  • ​The U.S. Dollar might just be the biggest Ponzi scheme ever devised. Don’t get made a me, I didn’t create it, I was born into it. Understanding this clandestine plan of the U.S. Federal Reserve may just be the key to your personal generational wealth building.



“In 2014, my cryptocurrency mining facility was the largest in Utah. A few years later, I met the Pennington family and was astonished at their knowledge of the world currency markets and investment funds. Dollars, Gold, and Bitcoin was one of my best reads of this year. Devouring the words within will reshape your personal path of success.”

Dan Young, founder and CEO, Xidax PCs and PC Laptops; AMD’s Gaming Advisory Council; and formerly sixteen years on Intel’s board of advisors

“The balance of wealth can tilt in your favor, depending on the moves of governments and central banks as well as your personal investment decisions. Ensure you’re on the winning side by taking preventive measures and utilizing the in-depth knowledge contained in this book. The Penningtons’ insights are a beacon you cannot ignore in these unpredictable financial climates.”

Jason Hartman, CEO, Empowered Investor, and host of the Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing podcast (189 countries)

“When a book comes along that uncovers a diabolical plan that has been right under my nose for decades, it is a bit sobering. Discourses like Dollars, Gold, and Bitcoin do not come around that often. Every investor and entrepreneur needs this information.”

Randy Garn, New York Times bestselling author; awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young; chief strategic officer at Arieli Capital

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